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im sorry if ya’ll ever thought this was a quality blog


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Rady what do you think the kids of pipabeth would look like and act like ?
lord-lady-shagura lord-lady-shagura Said:


Annabeth and Piper have a pair of gorgeous twin girls who inherit their equally gorgeous eyebrows from Piper. 

The girlier one is Emma, who bears a scar from a monster attack when she was very young. She is the eldest of the twins and loves dressing up pretty and spending time with her mothers. 

The more tomboyish one is named Anna, who actually isn’t that tomboyish, as she likes wearing both dresses and jeans and punching the crap out of people who diss her moms or her big sister (because of her scar).

They both share a love of attention (mostly from their mothers) and running wild where they can. Appearance wise, they have the softest, wavy brown hair, and multicolored eyes like Piper. Their skin is a very dark tan, but they have Annabeth’s ears and nose and her habit for turning up said nose at people underneath them (which is basically everyone but them and their mothers, yo)

Not-surprisingly, they grow up to be rly hot and rly popular and the world quakes at their every step. 

Annabeth and Piper are mostly proud. 

Piper threw her arms around Annabeth and cried.
House of Hades, after Percy and Annabeth reunite with the crew of the Argo II (via phophodrago)


I’m not saying that Annabeth also likes girls but







"Nice to meet you, Calypso. I’m Jeff."

piper and calypso are the grossest in terms of public displays of affection and they dont give a fuck because move over jeff ur blocking their cuddling space



where i work we rent out a variety of buildings and to make a long story short i’m going to hell

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i think any femslash shipper in the PJO fandom is starved of their ships

it’s a struggle

god bless radycat

Submitted by originalmarauder

Submitted by originalmarauder


piper kissing annabeth on the cheek and laughing as she blushes  (^▽^)

piper snuggling into annabeth’s neck as they cuddle (◡‿◡✿)

piper braiding annabeth’s hair  (✿◠‿◠)

piper holding annabeth’s hand and annabeth intertwining their fingers (◕‿◕✿) 

piper and annabeth (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


All the girls in PJO/HoO are lesbians and you can’t tell me otherwise.


me: *looks at pjo books*
me: needs more lesbians


I may or may not have a pipabeth problem.


cant wait until the end of BoO when annabeth and reyna get married and settle down and go to college in new rome and start a family and have babies and everything. UvU

Why is femslash the smallest genre in the world of fanfiction? Why is femslash the most underrepresented relationship type by a sizeable margin? More importantly, why is it that almost all femslash writers are queer women? Male slash pairings are written by straight women, queer women, and even some men (I say “even” because men are rarer than a two dollar bill in the world of fanfiction) and they’re read by a mostly female audience. Femslash has a completely different ideology, because it’s almost exclusively written and consumed by the community it portrays. Unlike a straight girl writing about two boys having sex (and I guarantee that they’re two conventionally attractive white boys whose female love interests have been deemed either worthy of death or asexual by the fandom), femslash is written by those whose identities and personal narratives are reflected in the stories themselves. Maybe the writer of that erotic scene hasn’t had sex with a girl yet, but damn, she has thought about it a lot. That queer author writes two girls falling in love even if they’re straight in the original work because two girls falling in love means something to her and to so many people like her, and it’s important that she sees herself in a piece of media whose canon forgets she exists. One of the great frustrations of LGBTQ media is the fact that so little of our representations end up coming from LGBTQ-identified creators, and thus we see inaccurate portrayals with limited diversity. Femslash exists because we were sick of being told we didn’t exist, so we wrote ourselves into their stories.
excerpt from a very long piece I’ve been working on for autostraddle about femslash and why there’s so little of it (and why we need to make more of it NOW)

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